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Islamic bullying in the United Kingdom

Date Published: 
Monday, 13 February, 2017

Another excellent and heart-felt piece by Shazia Hobbs the writer of the novel ‘The Gori’s Daughter’, this time on the subject of bullying by Islamists in order to impose their views on the rest of us.

She speaks of the ‘creeping shariah’ where Islam is given a place of respect that it does not deserve by those who appease Islam. She speaks also of ‘hate speech’ laws that penalise those who speak out about the problems in Islamic ideology and the scandalous discrepancy between how those who protest Islam by throwing bacon at mosques and how those Muslims who mutilate their daughters genitals are treated. In the first instance the person is likely to get a substantial prison sentence (and will probably be banged up with violent Muslim criminals) whereas in the second situation the police will do all they can to avoid arresting and prosecuting those involved in FGM. We are rapidly approaching the time where Islam will become a ‘state within a state’ and that is something that to my mind should be vigourously resisted.