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Selection of interesting tweets from the last few months

Ever wonder how Mullahs turn innocent little boys into ferocious killers and rapists? Here is a snippet into how it's done in Madrassas.

Of course PM @Theresa_May and @JustinTrudeau will be upset that I shared this clip. After all this tweet could "hurt the feelings" of Muslims

— ਤਾਰੇਕ ਫਤਹ (@TarekFatah) December 5, 2017

The violence of Sharia Law cannot be considered as a constitution of governance. It's barbaric, backward, and too corrupt to be reformed.

— Imam Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace) September 28, 2017

Woman stoned to death. Have no clue why any woman would want to be apart of this sick cult. #thisisislam

— Michael Keyes (@michaelkeyes) December 14, 2016

"I ran away to Germany as a refugee from Islam."
German-Iranian #ExMuslim

— ExMuslim TV (@ExMuslimTV) August 31, 2017

Islamic terrorism embraces an ideology before it embraces weapons. We may defeat it militarily but ideology needs destruction & reformation.

— Imam Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace) July 27, 2017

I strongly condemn the ISIS terror attack in #Barcelona, Spain. I also condemn the "sacred" books of Hadith that inspire such terrorism.

— Imam Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace) August 17, 2017

Muslim in Denmark explaining how Sharia Law & Islam must dominate Western Europe so that Muslims enjoy living there.

— Hector Morenco (@hectormorenco) September 24, 2017

We need a global march against the violence of Sharia Law introduced by Wahabism. Demanding the closure of all Mosques promoting terrorism.

— Imam Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace) July 8, 2017

Religions cannot be used as systems of governance. They exist to "guide" people, NOT rule over them by the sword.

— Imam Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace) July 12, 2017

FLASH: @Policeng in Damaturu have arrested Muhammad Kime for criticizing Senator Bukar Ibrahim who was caught in a sex video with 2 girls

— Sahara Reporters (@SaharaReporters) July 8, 2017

Imagine if Sir @realDonaldTrump treated Muslims the same way Christians are treated in Muslim countries or by Muslims in general.

— Imam Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace) July 12, 2017

Disturbing video from France, where women now are out of the picture, literally... Stop the #Islamazation of the world

— Michael Keyes (@michaelkeyes) July 13, 2017

If the Mullah didnt slap you when learning Koran you were one of the lucky ones. Beatings and sexual abuse is common practice in mosques.

— Shazia Hobbs ???? (@HobbsShazia) July 14, 2017

Islam is in need of rationalism, not Jihad. Jihad might make Muslims powerful, but rationality is what makes them human beings. #Reform

— Imam Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace) July 15, 2017

I admit that the sacred Islamic scriptures support the killing of non-Muslims... - @Imamofpeace

— Atheist Republic (@AtheistRepublic) July 19, 2017

"Don't offend minorities!"
"I'm offended all the time. Free speech is crucial to ridicule bad ideas."@CriticalSisters Co-founder, #ExMuslim

— ExMuslim TV (@ExMuslimTV) July 20, 2017

"Revealing yourself as an atheist in Pakistan is like having a death wish. We fear angry mobs."@fauziailyas, Pakistani #ExMuslim

— ExMuslim TV (@ExMuslimTV) July 21, 2017

99% of Muslims condemn ISIS because it practiced, implemented and applied what 99% of Muslims believe in. Makes a lot of sense to me!

— Imam Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace) July 22, 2017

RT PamelaGeller "WATCH: Muslim mobs armed with machetes and bats terrorize London’s largest Jewish community …"

— Peter Townsend (@PeterTownsendAU) July 24, 2017

Do you mind?

— SaintPowell (@telugu_anorak) July 28, 2017

VIDEO: shocking video of a Sudanese woman being flogged as a sharia punishment!

— Jayda Fransen (@JaydaBF) July 31, 2017

WAR has been declared on Jews & Christians.

SWEDISH TV cancels screening of film about Muslim Anti-Semitism out of fear of Muslim Violence.

— Amy Mek (@AmyMek) August 8, 2017

"I am asking you to face the Islamic tsunami that is coming to you, and to encourage our ExMuslim tsunami."
Jordanian #ExMuslim

— ExMuslim TV (@ExMuslimTV) August 19, 2017

New Islamic Italy...

Couple Attacked by Sharia Patrol for Kissing Outside Mosque

The Coliseum is now a mosque!

— Amy Mek (@AmyMek) September 25, 2017

Italians are Rising Up!

Italians DEMAND Illegal Mosque Closure after couple was attacked by Sharia Patrol outside Mosque (Jihad Center)

— Amy Mek (@AmyMek) October 7, 2017

On #WorldTeachersDay, listen to what is being taught at UK Islamic schools.

— Tarek Fatah (@TarekFatah) October 5, 2017

UK Islamic Scholar insists, “Muslims must hate other religions and any reform in Islam.” Thus spake evil.

— Tarek Fatah (@TarekFatah) October 11, 2017