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Indonesia 23/05/2017 Gay couple publicly caned under Indonesian region's Sharia law
Indonesia 21/05/2017 Cut Indonesia aid until sharia law barbarism ends
Netherlands (the) 19/05/2017 Dutch MPs in Revolt Over Allowing Police to Wear Islamic Headscarf
Mali 18/05/2017 Unmarried couple stoned to death for violating Islamic law
Spain 11/05/2017 "Pacifist" Imam Arrested on Terror Charges
United States of America (the) 11/05/2017 Muslim Interfaith Panelist @Portland_State Univ: “Being an infidel is not allowed” in a Muslim Country
Belgium 10/05/2017 Belgium’s Largest Region Votes to Ban Halal Slaughter
Canada 09/05/2017 A Slap in the Face to Democracy: Canada's "Anti-Islamophobia" Motion
United States of America (the) 08/05/2017 Colorado: Muslim who kept sex slave refuses to speak with female therapists, says doing so would be un-Islamic
Pakistan 08/05/2017 Christian pastor gets life imprisonment for “blasphemous” text message
Pakistan 06/05/2017 Lawmakers reject bill to raise marriage age for girls as “un-Islamic”
Australia 06/05/2017 Hate preacher 'sickened' by Muslims who associate with 'non believers' to give keynote speeches at Sydney Islamic conference
Russian Federation (the) 06/05/2017 Survivor: Chechen Police Tells Parents ‘Kill Your Gay Children Or We’ll Do It For You’
India 05/05/2017 What India’s liberals get wrong about women and sharia law
Morocco 04/05/2017 Morocco abolishes death penalty for apostasy from Islam
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the) 02/05/2017 Scots military cadets told not to wear uniforms in public for fear of jihadis
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the) 01/05/2017 Muslim gave Islamic State encryption training online from his bedroom in Wales
Pakistan 30/04/2017 Collective Punishment of Christians in Pakistan
Saudi Arabia 28/04/2017 Death sentence for Saudi ‘apostate’ amid surge of violence against atheists across Islamic world
Saudi Arabia 26/04/2017 Twitter goes wild over reported death penalty for 'atheism' in Saudi Arabia
Indonesia 26/04/2017 MUI pushes govt to circumcise girls
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 25/04/2017 Islamic Republic of Iran arrests over 30 gay men, will subject them to “sodomy tests”
Russian Federation (the) 25/04/2017 Chechnya 'is attempting to eliminate its gay community by the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan', it is claimed
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the) 24/04/2017 Muslim group in Oxford supports UKIP's proposal to ban the burka
United States of America (the) 21/04/2017 2nd doctor, wife arrested in FGM case
European Union 20/04/2017 Council of Europe Warns journalists Self-Censoring Due to Police and Online Intimidation
Afghanistan 18/04/2017 Death penalty for women who learn to read under Sharia
Australia 18/04/2017 Muslim man, 34, pleads guilty to marrying a girl, 14, at a Melbourne mosque - in ceremony 'performed by prominent imam'
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the) 16/04/2017 Primary school took pupils to meet an ‘extremist’ imam at the mosque where Lee Rigby’s killers worshipped
Austria 16/04/2017 Study: Islamic Kindergartens Lead to ‘Parallel Societies’ and Extremism in Austria


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