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A women’s group is calling for Sharia courts to be banned in India to stop inequality and violations of human rights. The Muslim Women’s Quest for Equality (MWQE) has filed an affidavit arguing the courts, which govern marriage, divorce and family cases for India’s 150 million Muslims, should not be allowed to function as a parallel judiciary.

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Can a healthy, harmonious multicultural society tolerate private legal systems? Not if that means the subjugation of women in abusive and indeed dangerous marriages, a form of imprisonment in all but name sanctioned by their local religious leaders. As this newspaper reports again, the reality of sharia in some communities means precisely that. Sharia “judges” refuse to take the rights and complaints of women seriously, and, in some examples cited by researchers, fail to recognise the validity of a ruling of divorce made in a British court. Hence the subsequent oppression, which has too often shaded into violence and domestic slavery. Campaigners are calling on David Cameron to ban the use of religious arbitration in family matters.

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