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The main western values can be summarized as follows: (1) men and women are equal before the law (equal rights and duties) and from 18 years of age they have sovereignty over their person, including their sexuality. (2) Muslims and non-Muslims are subject to the same laws. (3) There is freedom of religion and conscience, so you can choose and change your religion or have no religion at all.

Shariah in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Below, we give the main reasons why the Shariah is in conflict with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and why the Islamic countries (united in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, OIC) drew up the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam. The Cairo Declaration states that all legislation is subject to the Shariah, which cancels significant portions of its own statements.

Most Islamic countries also apply this trick in their legislation. They have a constitution similar to that of most Western countries, then they add a note that all laws are subordinate to the Shariah: thus they cancel a lot of the freedoms provided in the Constitution while still giving out a "moderate" image. Few people have any idea what Shariah actually means.


“Saracen 786” asks a number of questions in this video about whether various Islamic teachings and acts of Muhammad are really moral and ethical. He repeatedly asks Muslim scholars how they would explain these aspects of Islam. If any respond, they will say that Allah decides what is moral and ethical, and thus these aspects of Islam cannot be questioned, but are simply to be accepted. That just leads to the further question of why Allah would command what are clearly hateful and immoral acts.


The issue of apostasy is very controversial for every religion and when it comes to Islam, the problem of leaving the faith gets almost the all shades of drama. There is no system of belief that welcomes apostasy as itself but Islam has dual approach to this term. According to positive and progressive Islam, Islam is set of rules and it should search for spiritual connections with people. There is no fear from God and human beings who dont want to accept Islam or who want to leave Islam are free to do it. One of moderate British imams, Ajmal Masroor, believes that apostasy is a free choice and that none should judge none. Unfortunately, there is another side of the coin and regressive backward streams of Islam leading by Shari’ah Law experts and radical imams who preach only about radical punishments for apostates.The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt,  Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi often states that: “…if not for the threat of murder for anyone who leaves Islam, Islam would not exist today”.


Magdi Allam said European governments need to move far beyond deportations and target terror at its source in order to prevent more terror attacks. 

The Egyptian-born politician, who converted from Islam to Christianity in 2008, said it was time to stop following the myth of “moderate Islam” and take some real action.

He spoke before attending a protest march against the construction of a new mosque in Pisa, highlighting the tough treatment of mosques by the Tunisian government after last year’s deadly beach attack. 


I am often asked, Why I left Islam? As absurd as it may be, some Muslims cannot even allow themselves to think that leaving Islam is an option, or even possible. They rather think that those who leave Islam are paid Jewish agents than accept the fact that people have freedom to think and some may even think that Islam is not for them. The following are my reasons:   

Until few years ago I used to think that my faith in Islam was not based on blind imitation but rather was the result of years of investigation and research. The fact that I had read a lot of books on Islam, written by people whose thoughts I approved of and delving into philosophies that were within my comfort zone, emphasized my conviction that I had found the truth. All my biased research confirmed my faith. Just like other Muslims I used to believe that to learn about anything one has to go to the source. Of course the source of Islam is the Quran and the books written by Muslim scholars. Therefore, I felt no need to look elsewhere in order to find the truth, as I was convinced that I have already found it. As Muslims say "Talabe ilm ba'd az wossule ma'loom mazmoom". The search of knowledge after gaining it is unnecessary. 

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