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Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography examines many geographical issues in the Qur'n. In the final section of his book he comes to the city of Mecca which is mentioned once in Skra 48. Qur'nic commentators have traditionally linked the location of Bekka (or “the place of the one who weeps much”) in Skra 3:96 with Mecca as well. (Pickthal 3:96, note) Added to this, there are numerous references in the Qur'n to the sacred place, the Ka’ba, and the house; terms which are universally associated with Mecca today. Nevertheless, the Qur'n itself does not tell us in so many words that the Ka’ba was located in Mecca. So in this section we will see to what extent historical documents support this commonly held view.


So what have we learned from this page? While we have presented no conclusive evidence, we have tried to demonstrate that there are some discrepancies between the ancient descriptions of Mecca and what archeology and historians have learned about the current location of Mecca. Keep these things in the back of your mind as we move on to discuss the pilgrimages in Arabia in the page and see what conclusions Gibson comes to.

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