Worth Less - Aynaz “Anni” Cyrus


I learned the worth of a woman under Islam the day I sought a divorce in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I was worth less than a man, worth only half of a man.

That day, somewhere in the United States, girls my age were making sure their clothes and hair were just right for a day in 7th grade (Year 9 in England). Not I. I stood before a judge in an Iranian courtroom as a married woman beaten brutally every day of my short “marriage” by my husband, a mentally unstable, older man to whom I had been sold for the financial profit of my family.

The Law Society and Sharia

Earlier this year, the Law Society (the “trade union” for solicitors in England and Wales) issued guidance to its members on how to draw up wills in accordance with sharia law.

The guidance can be found here

New Culture Forum

What would we think of a man who believed that his wife should be subservient to him, to be obedient to him?  What would we think of a man who demanded his right to physically chastise his wife if she did not conform to this?  What would we think of a man who demanded that, even if he were hitting her, that divorce rights rested with him only and the marriage could only end on his sayso?  What would we think of a man who demanded that his children were his only and his wife had no rights or say over what happened to them?  What would we think of a man who insisted that his wife’s word was w

Conferences of Jihad

It was little noticed that last week in London, a conference took place which featured some of the world’s most notorious Islamists and jihadists. 

Stand for Peace (a counter-extremism group) reports as follows:

Is the Law Society fit to represent solicitors?

It’s been over four months since the Law Society published its practice note on sharia succession rules. Since then there has been some progress but unfortunately there is a good deal still to be done, as this post will demonstrate.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

In support of Baroness Cox

Baroness Caroline Cox, a cross-bench member of the UK’s House of Lords, has re-introduced her Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill in June of this year. 

The Bill had another First Reading in the Lords on the 11th of June, and will have a second reading in the autumn.

Rowan Williams is at it again

If you expected Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, to have learned lessons from his previous sharia-based gaffe, think again.

We Must Object to the Aim, Not Just the Method

Islamic State (or ISIS or IS) is without doubt a particularly vile Islamist group.  Disavowed by Al-Qaeda for being too extreme, the group emerged in early 2013 and is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Baghdadi recently declared himself leader of a new caliphate which so far covers parts of Iraq and Syria. Islamic State intends to stretch its caliphate much further – including in to parts of Europe.

Is the UN fit for purpose?

UN Watch, a Geneva-based NGO which monitors the activities of the United Nations, reported at the end of 2013 what it felt were the ten worst decisions of the UN throughout that year.  All ten are worth a look, but what stands out like a sore thumb is the aggressive promotion of Islamist states (and the resulting sanitisation and legitimisation of sharia), along with the not un-related harassment of Israel.

Rotherham: Everything but the Truth

It is bewildering to watch the establishment fall over itself.  In reference to the Rotherham child rape atrocities, the BBC has jumped from labelling the perpetrators “Pakistani” to “Asian” then back to “Pakistani”.  The Guardian, true to form, immediately took the opportunity to speak out against “racial stereotyping”, as though that is the real problem here.  Some political and council leaders in Rotherham claim they didn’t know what was going on – despite the fact that there ha